In order to be totally transparent about the data we use and how it's processed, here is a list of all the third party tools we make use of.

ProviderWhat it doesData processed
Credit Card processingContact details, financial and transactional data, other associated personal data
Accounting and billingContact details, financial and transactional data, Shorthand subscription details
Sales CRM and pipeline managementContact details, subscription plan and Shorthand usage information, integration with @shorthand emails
Campaign Monitor
Email communication, including sign up, newsletter, tips and automated functions such as password reset requestsContact details, Shorthand web application use
All hosting, including the Shorthand marketing pages, Shorthand web application and customers' stories hosted by Shorthand, access logsContact details including usernames and passwords, subscription plan and Shorthand usage, all story content including media assets
Customer support platform - Shorthand Knowledge Base and ticketing systemContact details as per entered into the ticketing system, anonymous activity and usage of support documents

Analytics, Spam protection, Gmail, Docs, Drive, CalendarAnonymized data about how readers interact with Shorthand marketing pages, sign up and Shorthand stories, including pageview events when pages are loaded, as well as engagement events as readers scroll through stories. All email communication with addresses, contact details.
Communication API for SMS enabling customers to send story previews to any mobile deviceTelephone number and story preview link
Shared inbox application - all email communicationAll email communication with addresses, contact details, statistics on frequency of contact
Cloud file storageAll customer invoices
Internal messaging/collaboration system, user event logs
Contact details, Shorthand usage
Cloud video and image optimization
Uploaded media (images and video) used in stories are temporarily stored here
Software development platform - raising bugs, planning new developments
Shorthand usage, integration with Front on some specific customer issues
Subscription billing serviceContact details, financial and transactional data, Shorthand subscription details
Random sampling of interaction recording for testing and design optimisationBrowser and editor-session data including clicks, scrolls and uploaded text and other media.
HTML code validation.Custom HTML you enter into the editor is checked for valid syntax. 

We also have a social media presence through Buffer, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, where we can see the information of users who have connected with us through those tools. We do not process, collect or hold any information from these tools.

We offer a Data Processing Addendum (DPA) that amends and updates our standard terms to help meet onward data transfer requirements under the GDPR. The DPA is pre-signed by Shorthand, and is available upon request. It becomes effective when it is signed and returned to

Also, please do see our full privacy policy.

If you have any questions about these tools or data privacy more widely, please contact us.