Most section types have some additional display options that can accessed with the Section Options cog icon shown next to the section's thumbnail on the left side of the editor screen.

Depending on the section type, options may include changing the theme colours, section size, and/or changing how background images and text interact with story scrolling.

Some options in detail:


The Section Options provide a way to modify various header elements. 

Options include hiding the header, removing header logos and changing the header and navigation-item colours.

More detail on the header section can be found here.

If your story's theme allows for multiple colour options, the options can be applied with the Section Options Theme selector.

For text-dominant sections, the Theme options will change text and background colours. For image-dominant sections, the Theme options may change text and background colours as well as the colours available as an image overlay.


The Overlay option can be applied to Title, Text Over Media and Background Scrollmation sections. It adds a tinted layer between the background and text in order to help the text stand out. The colour of the tint is determined by your story theme and its opacity is set with a slider.  Depending on your story theme, you may have multiple colour options available to choose from.

In Background Scrollmation sections, the overlay applies to the text column.  Its opacity can be modified with a slider, and your theme may also allow for setting the overlay to multiple colours.

In Title and Text Over Media  sections, overlay options also include an overlay type, that allows for the tinted layer to fill the section or to apply to only a portion of it: as a vignette around the edges, or gradient from any of the four sides of the section.

Section Height

The height section option is available in Title and Text Over Media sections. It changes the amount of screen-height the section will occupy.

Please note: text that displays fine in a half-height or third-height section on a desktop computer or tablet may not all fit on a phone display, so be sure to test your Title section on a number of devices and browsers at different resolutions - especially if you are using half or third-height options.


The position section option is available in Title and Text Over Media sections when using an image (not video) as the background. The two position options available are fixed and scrolls and they determine what happens to the section when the user scrolls down and up the page. The scrolls option sets the whole section to scroll at the same rate as the regular text on the page, with both the background and text scrolling at the same rate together. The fixed option causes the background image to stay in place while the text on top scrolls.
Please note: we don't support fixed position video at this time as its performance suffers on some browsers. Specifically, Microsoft Edge has problems with flickering and blocky rendering when multiple half/third-height videos are placed adjacent to each other.

We'll be revisiting fixed position video when a new version of Edge is released.

Full / Half layout (in Title and Text Over Media sections)

Title and Text Over Media sections support having text overlaid directly on top of a background image, or placed in a dedicated half of the screen over a solid background colour. You have the choice to place your text on the left or right of wide screens and on the top or bottom of tall screens. 

Transition (in Background Scrollmation sections)

The transition section option applies to Background Scrollmation sections and adds a fast fade or slow fade effect between each of the images in the section.

Text fade

Title, Text Over Media and Background Scrollmation sections include one or more options for enabling text to fade on scroll. Having text fade in or out can give a little more time for your images to dominate the screen.