This should be planned for as early as possible – don't wait until after you publish to consider how you'll distribute the story, and to who.

  • Consider how you will use your own digital platforms, social media, portfolio, email newsletters etc to promote your story, both at the time of launch and further down the line.
  • Ensure sharing is filled out correctly, if you want to have social share buttons in your story.
  • Think about how readers will find the story in the future? Is there a clear path to connect with your story again – particularly if it should have a long shelf-life.
  • Think of creative ways to share on social media, and apply a strategy that considers the network, timing and content e.g. tweets with media, emotive or directional wording. Check out these Craft posts for more tips:
    - Spreading the word
    Three tips for promoting content

And don't forget to learn from your latest story. Use feedback from social media, commenting platforms and your analytics to learn what worked, what was less successful, and how you might use that insight to improve your next story.

To have access to that sort of insight you need to establish as soon as you can what you want to measure in terms of traffic and engagement, and ensure it's built into your story before publishing. Here's more on how to integrate analytics in Shorthand stories.