If your Shorthand story is published outside your CMS (e.g. as a microsite, as most Shorthand stories are, or hosted by us) you can still launch the story from your existing website by embedding our story launcher in your CMS.

See the story launcher in use on the FT Adviser website. 

When the reader clicks the enter button, on a desktop browser, the launcher seamlessly expands to fill the screen with the story, in the same window, without the URL of the page changing. Once they have finished reading, a close button will be available that will minimise the story and return them to the launch page.

The embed works using iframes, which aren't supported on mobile devices. To accommodate this, on mobile devices clicking the enter button takes the user to the story in a new window at its native URL.

To get hold of the embed code for the launcher, click the dropdown attached to the publish button in the editor, and then click promote your story. Enter the URL where the story has been hosted (not the page you are launching it from) and you will then see embed code available to copy and paste into your CMS.

You will need to publish the story from Shorthand first, e.g., to our servers or your own, depending on your subscription type
NB: The security settings for both your main website (where you're embedding the story launcher) and your hosted page (where you're hosting the export files) must match for the launcher to work correctly. For example, if your main website sits at https:// then the page you're hosting the story at (via your server) must also sit at https://. If not then it will act as a standard link to the page where the story is hosted, rather than presenting it in the same window.