The easiest way to publish with Shorthand is to let us manage the hosting for you. We will place your stories on an optimised Amazon server (using Amazon S3 and Cloudfront) to handle visitor load. 

There are three different approaches to Shorthand hosting:

1. hosting 
This is the simplest way to publish your Shorthand stories and requires no technical input from you. Simply choose a unique 'name', and your stories can then be published at the click of a button to

2. Custom subdomain hosting 
If you’d like to dedicate a subdomain of a domain you already own to your Shorthand stories, you will need to be able to edit CNAME and DNS records listed with your domain registrar (the entity with which you registered the domain).

3. Custom domain hosting 
To use a base domain you already own, you will need to be able to contact your domain registrar (the entity with which you registered the domain) to change the name servers for your domain. Note: please read this support document before deciding to use a base domain. 

Setting up your hosting

You will first need to be signed up for one of our plans and need to be an organisation owner or administrator.

  1. Log in to your Shorthand account, click on your profile image or initials in the top-right of the screen and select Publishing Settings

  2.  Scroll down until you see the following options:

    Then, click create new for the hosting option you have decided to use. (Base domain hosting is featured under custom subdomains.)
  3. a) If you are using hosting, you will be asked to type in your chosen subdomain to check availability. If it is available, you just need to click create subdomain and you're ready to publish!

    b) If you are using a custom subdomain, you will need to enter the full chosen subdomain (make sure you have access to the DNS settings before you do this!). Then, click create Shorthand hosting and you will be given the details to edit the CNAME and DNS records listed with your domain registrar. You will also be sent an email with this information. 

    Once you have added the details with your registrar, go back to Shorthand and click finalise setup. Then, you will be ready to publish! 

Publish your story with Shorthand hosting

  1. Find the story on your Shorthand dashboard
  2. Click edit
  3. In the story editor, click publish
  4. Choose the publishing option that shows your subdomain, masked subdomain or base domain
  5. Enter a directory name for the story. A lowercase, underscore-separated version of the story title is a good choice (for example, story_name).
  6. Click publish
  7. Your story will now be available at the URL shown (for example, 
We use AWS for hosting. If you want to find out more about compliance and security of this service, click here.