Here are our recommendations concerning the deployment of your story to your production environment.

  1. For any stories that you anticipate are going to get a lot of traffic, we strongly recommend that a CDN is implemented (we recommend Amazon's CloudFront and Cloudflare, but Akamai or similar would be fine too).
  2. All plain-text should be gzipped (HTML, JS, CSS). All static content should have a Last-Modified or ETag header too (ETag is preferred).
  3. For caching, index.html should be set to expire after a few minutes (eg. 5 or 10 minutes would be fine). This is basically the potential maximum time it will take for the story to update for readers/CDN nodes if anything (including images, etc) were to change.
  4. All other static assets (JS, CSS, images, etc) should be set to never expire. If these assets change, they will have a new filename and the index.html would change, this way you never have to invalidate the cache for existing static assets. How long it takes for these changes to propagate depends on the expire time on index.html, or sooner if objects in the CDN can be manually invalidated.
  5. To ensure background video loops as it should, check your server is setup to serve it as Partial Content.