To publish your Shorthand stories, you will first need to sign up to one of our plans.

Depending on your Shorthand plan, options range from having us host your stories (on your domain, or ours) to integration with your existing content management system and site. Publishing your stories can be as simple as the push of a button. Or, if you prefer, you can download stories as .zip files ready to deploy however you wish.

Which plans offer which publishing options?

Prelude, Prime and ProShorthand Hosting : publish to one subdomain  ( e.g.,, or a masked subdomain of your own (e.g.,

Find out more about publishing to a base domain.

Prime and Pro with the Shorthand X add-onHosting on your servers : publish to your domain/subdomain via .Zip exports, 1-click hosting via Amazon S3 or SFTP, as well as plugins for Drupal and WordPress.

Pro Discounted multi-domain publishing.

The basics of each option:

One click Shorthand Hosting 

(Available on Prelude, Prime and Pro plans)
Choose your own subdomain (such as or supply your own subdomain (e.g., When it’s time to publish your stories, specify a directory and with one click, it’s live. Direct your readers straight to the story URL, such as in this Shorthand Stories subdomain example by UNDP, or this custom subdomain example by UnityMedia.
Read more about this option here.

One Click Amazon S3 / SFTP 

(Available on Prime and Pro plans with the Shorthand X add-on)
Already have hosting sorted on Amazon’s S3 or your own servers? Supply your S3 or SFTP details and you and your publishing-enabled colleagues can then send stories live simply by naming a directory for the story (using the story title as the directory name works well) and clicking publish. Here's an example of the S3 method from GOAL, and the SFTP method by Blain Southern.
Read more about this option here.

One Click plugins for Wordpress and Drupal

(Available on Prime and Pro plans with the Shorthand X add-on)
Mark your stories in Shorthand as ready to publish and our plugin will make them available within your Wordpress or Drupal CMS as custom posts ready to publish. Huck Mag uses the Wordpress plugin here or see GOSH using the Drupal plugin here.
Read more about this option here.

Download ZIPs

(Available on Prime and Pro plans with the Shorthand X add-on)
Download your stories in their entirety; code, images and video, in a completely self-contained .Zip file to store or host as you wish. Forces Network use the download .Zip option here, as do TotalJobs here.
Read more about this option here.

Programmatic publishing

(Available on Prime and Pro plans with the Shorthand X add-on)
Write code to integrate with Shorthand publishing via our REST API. This simple API provides a list of stories that are ready to publish, and programmatically pulls .Zip files that contain all content relevant to a story.
Read more about this option here.

How to promote your story from your existing website? 

In conjunction with any of these publishing options, you can then decide if you want to use our story launcher. You can insert our embed code into your CMS to include the story in your website – like this example by The Financial Times. More info on the story launcher here

We'd also recommend taking a look at our landing page support doc

We are also currently working on a new embed integration - so let us know if you want give that a try with Shorthand hosting. 

If you are yet to sign up for one of our plans, please contact our sales team.

If you are already subscribed to Shorthand and need to speak to someone about any of the above options, please contact our support team.