Shorthand has the ability for users to add HTML to stories.

HTML can be added inline, into any text column, or as its own full screen width section, as per any standard Shorthand section type.


Custom HTML sections can be reordered and deleted exactly like any other Shorthand section, with no undo option, and for this reason we suggest you do your authoring in your usual editor and copy/paste into the section.


Inline HTML can be added between paragraphs of text in any text column: in Background Scrollmation, Scrollmation and Text sections.

Note: Please ensure any code you add, whether embed code for a third-party tool, or your own custom coding, is fully responsive across screen sizes. You may find helpful in fixing code that isn't.

For tips on third party tools to explore, see Other Resources

TIP: We recommend writing and editing your code in a dedicated code editor (such as Visual Studio Code) and pasting into Shorthand. This will be much more efficient and provide better formatting and debugging options.