Shorthand has the ability for users with web development proficiency to extend and override the CSS.

CSS can be added by clicking the add CSS button in the top toolbar.

If you wish your changes to be applied to your branded theme moving forwards, then please contact us to discuss.

We have listed a few common selectors here, however the suggested approach for all CSS configuration is to use a development tool, such as the Developer Tools Inspector within Google Chrome, to identify the appropriate CSS selectors and the current values within your Shorthand story.

We suggest that you attempt to ensure your CSS selectors are relaxed enough to work both in our editor and the generated story preview. This will ensure that your non­-technical users are still able to edit the story in Shorthand, while maintaining the inline editing style that Shorthand is so proud of.

TIP: We recommend writing and editing your code in a dedicated code editor (such as Visual Studio Code) and pasting into Shorthand. This will be much more efficient and provide better formatting and debugging options.