To make it easy for your readers to share your stories, you can easily add a Facebook (and Twitter) share button to the top of your story via the social tab in the story-editor toolbar:

...or by clicking where the social media buttons sit in the header of the story:

The resulting panel enables you to specify an image, title and description of your story that will populate the Facebook post when the share button is used.  You can also enter a Facebook App ID (here's how).

Feed image

We'll automatically include a copy of your story title image to use as the image that will accompany a post about your story, however you can replace the image with any of your choosing simply by dragging and dropping in a new one from your computer.

Title & Description

As a default, Facebook will use the title added to the title section, and the description will be based on the subtitle. That is unless a different title and description has also been added via settings, in which case it will use that. If you'd like a different title or description to be used by Facebook specifically you can enter text in sharing to set that.

Note: if no title or subtitle/description has been added to the Title section, settings or sharing, the title and description of the page will be blank, and other text from the story may be used when shared on Facebook.

Important note re: Facebook App ID settings:

Here are some checks to ensure your Facebook App ID is set up correctly:

  1. Please check that the relevant domain where you will publish your Shorthand story is listed at this URL (enter your App ID into the URL as directed):
  2. You also need to ensure Sandboxing is turned off, which you can check at this URL:
PLEASE NOTE: If you click the Facebook share icon before the story is loaded to the final URL, the Facebook code will look for the first image/s it can find and this code will be cached the first time the Facebook share button is clicked on. To remedy this ahead of launching your story, visit: and press 'fetch new scrape information'.

Make sure Facebook posts link to the right place

If the story is going to be hosted on your own servers (rather than with Shorthand Hosting), you'll also need to provide the full URL of where the story will finally be published so that Facebook posts from your story can include the appropriate link to it. Add the story URL via the editor's settings tab (found near the top-left of the editor screen):