To transfer ownership of a story on your Shorthand dashboard to another team member, they'll need to first be added as a collaborator on the story.  

If your story doesn't yet have collaborators, you may wish to read this article first as it outlines how to add collaborators from your current Shorthand team and how to add new users to the team and story.

If your story does already have other collaborators, find its card on your dashboard, and hover over the card to open the green side panel. 

From the green panel, choose the collaborate option, and you'll be shown the list of collaborators and icons that represent their permission level with the story. Grey icons show the possibilities, and blue icons represent the current permission level of the user with the story.

Click the star-shaped icon (for edit) next to the name of the collaborator you would like to make the new story owner. You'll be shown a message asking to confirm your choice.

This will transfer the ownership of the story to them and your status on the story will change to that of an editor. The new owner of the story will now have the ability to not only edit the story, but also to control who in the team has access to it. A story can only have one owner at a time, so once you assign ownership to another team member, you will no longer be able to control viewers, editors or owners for that story, as those rights will belong to the new owner.