You can invite other members of your team as collaborators on a story and give them rights to view-only, edit the story or assign them as the story owner.

Enabling a team member to view your story is as simple as choosing their name from the Collaborate panel from a story card on your workspace. You'll see their picture or initials added underneath the story image. If you'd like them to also be able to edit the story, click the pencil icon next to their name in the 'EDIT' column. On the story card, your collaborator's photo (or their initials if they haven't uploaded a photo) will now also show a pencil icon to indicate their status as a co-editor. You can add as many viewers or editors to your story as people in your Shorthand team.

If you'd like to completely assign your story to someone else as owner, return to your dashboard and hover over a story for which you are currently set as the owner. Add them as a collaborator if they aren't already, then set their access level as 'Own' from the options provided.

Setting a user to 'Own' will transfer the ownership of the story to them and your status on the story will change to that of an editor. The new owner of the story will now have the ability to not only edit the story, but also to control who in the team has access to it. A story can only have one owner at a time, so once you assign ownership to another team member, you will no longer be able to control viewers, editors or owners for that story as those rights will belong to the new owner.