If you are the owner or editor of a Shorthand story you can invite other people to collaborate on it, with permission to view the story only, edit it, or even be assigned as the story owner.

Owners and editors can easily add existing team members as collaborators. Owners can also invite brand new users to collaborate.  

Collaborators can be assigned from your dashboard or from within the story editor.

From the dashboard:

To add a collaborator, hover over the story card you wish to add a collaborator to, then select collaborate from the green menu.

Click the drop-down menu at the top of the white panel and you'll be shown the names of other team members. Select the name of the team member you wish to add as a collaborator.

By default, they'll be added with rights to view the story only, meaning it will show up on their dashboards and they can preview, but not edit the story. 

If you wish to make them an editor of the story, click the pencil icon next to their name.  

If you are the current story owner and wish to transfer ownership to the new collaborator, click the star next to their name. 

This will transfer the ownership of the story to them and your status on the story will change to that of an editor. The new owner of the story will now have the ability to not only edit the story, but also to control who has access to it.

From the editor:

Collaborators can be added to a story from directly within the story editor. When you use this method, the collaborators you add will be assigned edit permission by default.

Adding an existing member of your team to the story is as simple as choosing their name from the dropdown menu that appears when you click the green icon next to the Collaborators menu at the top of the page.

You can also invite entirely new users to the team AND story by specifying their email address in the collaborator panel. The invited user will receive an email invitation to register for Shorthand, and if they accept, they'll be added to your team and find the story on their dashboard.


Editor locking

To ensure that an author has time to work on or review their story uninterrupted by the changes of another user, stories are locked to one editor at a time.  When you open a story from your dashboard, other collaborating editors will be temporarily locked out of the story. On their dashboard the story card will appear blue and mention who is editing the story. Other collaborators can still preview the story during this time, and they will be able to edit it again as soon as you return to the dashboard or sign out. 

A story is locked to one editor only while they are actively involved with it (plus a little bit of leeway for when they may be reading). If one of your editing collaborators accidentally leaves a story open in their browser and goes to lunch, you won't have to wait long before you can take control of the story again : usually only a minute or two since they last made a change to the story.  When this occurs, you'll see a link to take control of the story on the story card on your dashboard.

Doing so will close the story in that user's browser and return them to the dashboard, with a message informing them of who took control.