Sometimes you may want to be able to share a link that will take a reader directly to a specific section in the story, rather than the top.

This can be a great way of promoting specific parts/chapters of the story on social or in newsletters. Many customers say this can actually give their stories a longer shelf life too.

To create a link for a specific section, you first need to locate the section's ID, which can be found in the Section Options panel for the section you wish to link to.

Open the Section Options, and you'll find a row labelled section ID that contains a string of letters and numbers that look something like the following:  #section-L5e557UCJn.

Use the copy button in the row or highlight and copy the full string including the # and you can use it to construct a URL that will link to that section of your story.

So, if your story URL was the structure of the section link would be