In Scrollmation sections you can add multiple images that sit to the left or right of the text column on wide displays (like a typical desktop monitor).

For smaller displays such as mobile, where there isn't a lot of horizontal screen space, you can choose one of two options. By default on mobile the layout will appear as two rows with the image(s) at the top of the screen and the text below. This will display all the images you have added, in sequence, at the top of the screen, as the reader scrolls.

Or, you can choose which of your images to insert into the text column and where.

To change which images show on mobile, and where, place your cursor between paragraphs and mouse over the + icon, then choose the insert Scrollmation inline option. Click that, and you will be prompted to choose which of your Scrollmation images you'd like to show at that point.

It's up to you how many of the images you wish to show on small screens using this option.

You may also choose to show different images on small screens to the ones you show on larger screens. This can be useful if, for instance, your large images contain detail that would be lost on smaller devices or would benefit from a different layout or format. When your section is using the default two row layout on narrow screens, for instance, wide images are preferable, whereas on large, wide monitors that show the two column layout, tall images are preferable.

If you'd like to use different images for small screens, make sure to upload them within the media modal as shown here: