In light of Shorthand’s responsiveness across devices and screen sizes, we recommend that you check your stories across as many devices as possible to ensure images and layout display as you intend.

You can launch a story preview straight from the dashboard by selecting the option from the story-card fly-out menu.

After clicking preview, a new tab opens in the browser, with the story shown full-screen. You can share the URL of this tab privately with colleagues for feedback.

Please note: as per our terms, this URL must not be shared publicly.

Each time you generate a preview it will use the same URL, but reflect the latest changes to the story.

An in-editor preview button can be found in the top right of the editor. Clicking the larger part of the button will open a new browser tab with a preview of your story.

You can also click the dropdown next to the button for a preview within the editor at sizes and resolutions simulating typical desktop, mobile and tablet views.

From the editor you can also click the share button and enter an email address or mobile number to send a preview link to an email address or phone number. This is a handy way to check your story on other computers and mobile devices.

The share window also shows a QR Code.  Use a QR reader app or your phone's camera to scan the code and your device will display the story preview in its default browser.  

Viewing previews as HTTP

By default we use HTTPS for story previews, however if you are using third-party scripts that use HTTP you can simply change the URL in the browser to HTTP. 

For example, if your preview URL looks like this:

you can change it to:

... and your HTTP based scripts should now work.