To add a new section below the current one, click the green Add Section button on the left of editor, underneath the current section thumbnail image.

You'll also see smaller + buttons above and below other sections in the story. They enable you to add sections in-place, between other sections in the story.

Clicking either of these buttons will show a menu of available section types to choose from to add to the story.

Another approach for adding sections, particularly if you already have a section within your story that you'd like to replicate, is to choose the copy option, which will make a duplicate of the chosen section directly below it. You can then modify the new section and drag it into place anywhere in your story.

By default, there is a limit of 25 sections per story. If you reach the limit, and wish to discuss increasing the size of your story, please contact us.

You can change the order of sections in the section list on the right-hand side (simply drag and drop to re-order). And you can delete a section by clicking the 'x' that appears in the top right hand corner of the section thumbnail.