When providing fonts we recommend webfonts. Other font types (e.g. .ttf and .otf) may not show correctly in all browsers.

If they are webfonts we also prefer that they be hosted externally, either via a service like Typekit, Google Fonts or on your servers. Please provide any relevant links and/or styleguides, as well as your preferred 'font stack', to after submitting the setup form.


Please provide colours in HEX or RGB. You can also email any relevant style guides to after submitting the setup form.


Please provide the url of the desired favicon (the small logo or icon that shows in the browser tab of the page) to have it added to your theme.


If you are sending us a logo to include in a branded theme, please set the logo to 60px high, to ensure it will display well across screen-types. You can attach the logo file to the theme setup form or email to

We recommend 8-bit PNGs. If your PNG is transparent please use a tool like ImageAlpha (free) which will save it as an 8-bit PNG with 24-bit mask.

Set up a new branded theme by completing the forms here.