All Shorthand stories have access to a standard Shorthand theme, but workspaces can also set up branded, or  custom themes, to match their usual styling. 

Use this form to send us your requirements for a branded theme, containing your fonts and colours. Some subscriptions include one or more branded themes, so please check the details of your plan. Additional themes may be purchased at an additional cost (contact us for details).

Themes can contain more than just styling or branding. We can include Javascript, HTML and other code that you may need to appear consistently in every story e.g. tracking. Contact us if you have any questions.

Shorthand standard theme

All users begin with Shorthand’s standard theme. In certain section types you can toggle between a dark and light style but if you’d like to change the fonts and colours to your own you will need to set up a custom theme (see below) or optionally, if your plan allows, use our developer tools to add CSS to the page to override elements of the theme.

Branded themes

Branded themes are a way to apply your organisation's or publication’s typical styling to your Shorthand stories, and ensure consistency across all stories created by multiple users within the same team.  You could also choose to have different themes available to different teams within your workspace.

There are a set number of customisation options within a branded theme. These include:

  • Font, colour and weight (e.g. bold, semibold etc, not pt size) for
    • Titles
    • Subtitles
    • Bylines
    • Headers
    • Captions
    • Pull-quotes
    • Linked text
    • Nav menu text

  • Colour for
    • Header
    • Nav menu background

  • Logo size (standard or full header height)
  • Header behaviour (sticky or not)
  • Logo & link
  • Favicon
  • Generic analytics tracking

Branded themes can be setup via this online form. Once a branded theme has been set up, it can be re-used across future stories by all members of any team to which it is applied.

Custom themes

If you require further customisation built in at a theme level, that goes beyond the items listed above, we can quote for the extra work required. Contact for more information.