Shorthand supports videos in MP4 format only. When preparing your video for upload please use the following settings:
- Video codec: h264
- Audio codec: AAC

We support video files that are compatible with HTML5 web browsers.  For more information about compatible video, see:

A simple, free app that will correctly encode MP4 video at an optimal file size is Miro Video Converter ,  which is available for Mac & Windows.

If you are comfortable using the command line you can use ffmpeg with these settings:

ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -vcodec h264 -acodec aac output.mp4

Video Duration / Recommended maximum file size

Optimal video streaming attributes for users viewing your story on a typical 3G internet connection (estimated at 3.5Mbps download speed):

  • 5 seconds / 2MB
  • 10 seconds / 4MB
  • 15 seconds / 6MB
  • 20 seconds / 8MB
  • 25 seconds / 10MB
  • 30 seconds / 12MB

MAX upload is 100MB, but videos should be kept as small as possible.