There are two types of video you can add to a Shorthand story. Foreground video (as opposed to background video) is added to a player using either the Media section, or within a text column via the media option. The video has play and volume controls.

To use an existing YouTube video as foreground media you only need to specify the YouTube URL.

If you choose to upload media instead, you have the option of adding a single video that will be used on both large screens (those wider than 900px) and small screens (narrower than 900px, such as vertical phones) or providing different video files : one for large screens, and one for small screens.  There are a number of reasons why you may wish to supply different videos for the device sizes: such as to format subtitles appropriately for legibility or to more closely match the video format to the user's device size. Foreground video orientation (landscape or portrait) does not need to match the device orientation. You could, for instance, show the same or different 'landscape' format video on both large and small screens.

If you choose to upload only a single video, it will be shown on both large and small screens.  It is not necessary to provide videos for each device.

Video file requirements:

  • In Media sections (where the video is the dominant feature): 1920 x 1080px  for 'landscape' format video and 900 x 507px  for 'portrait' format video is sufficient for a clear picture.  Smaller sizes of the same aspect ratio will work, but may appear less clear, 
  • In Text sections (where the video fits within a column of text): 900 x 507px is sufficient, 
  • MP4, 
  • Max 2MB per 5 seconds (100mb max), and
  • Poster image - must be JPG (same dimensions as the video). 

Optimal video sizes (for users viewing your story on a typical 3G internet connection, estimated at 3.5Mbps download speed) see our video encoding guidlines

YouTube video requirements:

  • URL.