You can upload a logo to the header, with an alternative version for mobile screens, and add a URL for the logo to link to.

Image guidelines:

  • Please set the logo to 120px high and up to 480px wide or 60px high and up to 240px wide to ensure it will display well across screen-types.
  • You may optionally choose to add a narrower logo for display on smaller screens where your standard logo may be too wide (i.e. it overlaps social share buttons). We recommend you test your story at multiple screen resolutions to determine if an alternate logo is necessary or desirable.

To ensure your logo remains crisp, please use 8-bit PNGs or GIFs. If your PNG is transparent please use a tool like ImageAlpha (free) which will save it as an 8-bit PNG with 24-bit mask.

The link needs to include the http:// or https:// at the start to work.