A media grid that expands to a full-screen slideshow

The Media Gallery section is the easiest way to place a grid of images and/or videos within your page. Images displayed within the grid can be clicked by your readers to expand them to display full-screen, at which point they can click or swipe through each of the images in the set.

When you add a Media Gallery section to your story, the section options (accessed by clicking the little cog icon next to the section thumbnail on the left of the screen), enable setting the overall size of the image grid to one of three options:

Section options also enable changing the background colour of the section.

When you first add a Media Gallery section to your story, it will contain some default images.  To change any image, click the 'EDIT MEDIA' button in its top-left corner and the standard media window will open, enabling you to choose from still images or video to upload from your computer.  

Be aware that video can drain browser performance, so although it's possible to have multiple videos playing within a gallery, it may degrade the story performance, especially if the videos are large in file size. 

Images within the grid can be resized with the + and - buttons in the top-left of each image in the grid.  When an image is resized, the others in the grid will be adjusted automatically.

To add a new image to the grid, click one of the round + buttons at the edge of any image and a new default image will be added at that location.   To delete any image, click the trash icon in its top right.

Captions can be added to the images in their media modal and will display in both the grid and slideshow formats of the gallery.