To better identify stories on your dashboard, you may choose to add a short descriptive note or label.

This note is displayed only on the dashboard story card. It isn't published with the story, and so won't be seen by your readers when the story is published.  It can, however, be seen and edited by other members of your team that are story collaborators.  This makes the feature useful for your own personal reminders, or for letting team members know the story status, expected publishing date, content requirements, etc.

To add a note, click on the story card, just below the title.  You'll see an "ADD NOTE" link appear when your mouse pointer is in the right zone.  Click the link, and a text box will appear.

Enter your note text, and click the "SAVE" button.

Removing a note is achieved the same way.  Click on the existing note, remove any text in the text box and click the "SAVE" button.