Inline HTML enables you to place custom content or formatting within your story.  

To add your HTML, select the + icon that appears above or below a text block, and choose the INSERT HTML option.  A placeholder box will be shown, into which you can type or paste your HTML. can help with generating responsive embed code for a number of tools.

After entering your code and clicking SAVE CHANGES, your code will be saved to the story, but won't be rendered in-line within the editor itself.   

To see how your code renders, use the editor's PREVIEW function.  Be sure to preview the story at multiple browser sizes and on different devices to ensure it renders as you expect.

Further edits to your inserted HTML can easily be made by clicking on the code block within the editor.

TIP: We recommend writing and editing your code in a dedicated code editor (such as Visual Studio Code) and pasting into Shorthand. This will be much more efficient and provide better formatting and debugging options.