In Shorthand, you can easily make a landing page that shows a selection of, or all of, your stories. 

For example, Honda have created their whole Engine Room publishing hub using just Shorthand - no other CMS in sight! 

We have also done something very similar with our blog, The Craft. 

The way to do this is with the Collection Section feature.

A Collection is where you can build a list of stories your reader can view and click through to. This list can be added as a 'Collection Section' to your stories. 

You build the list using the Collection Form, and for each story in the 'Collection' you can add an image, title, description and URL to link to.


  • Because you use a URL to link to the individual stories, these don't have to be Shorthand stories - they could also be other pages from your website. This is great if for example, you are creating a landing page for all of your annual reports and only the most recent ones were created with Shorthand.
  • When it comes to building a homepage or landing page story, you can be creative in terms of how you want to set that out. You'll notice with the Honda Engine Room homepage they have used a half height Title Section with a video, and underneath they have inserted the Collection Section with the categories for their product pages. On each product page they have used a full height Title Section
  • If you have a subscription plan with a custom branded theme, you can have the Collection Section styled to match your theme too
  • You could add other sections to these landing pages as well - e.g. if it's a landing page for a digital magazine, why not have a Text Section at the bottom with credits?

Shorthand hosted stories

If you have a subscription plan with Shorthand hosting, you may want to create a homepage as a way of showcasing all your stories in one place.

To make the homepage appear at the root of your subdomain such as or (without a directory name or file name) create the story, then, when publishing it, leave the 'Enter directory name' field of the publishing form blank.

Your newly published page will appear both with and without the trailing /index.html at your subdomain.