A single column of text & media presented in a distraction free way. 

The Text Section offers a column of text, which can be placed to the left, centre or right of wide screens. The column will be central on small screens such as portrait-mode phones.


Text is rendered on the page in blocks. Each block can be styled using the button shown at the top-left of each block on mouseover. Style options include:

  • Paragraph text (the default text styling)
  • One of three heading styles (small, medium, large)
  • A Quote 
  • Text with a styled drop-cap (large initial letter)
  • A bullet-point list
  • A numbered list
  • An indented paragraph
  • A breakout box

Text within blocks can also be aligned left, right or centre using the alignment button displayed at the top-right of each block on mouseover.

Highlighting text within a block enables other style options including:

  • bold
  • italics
  • underline
  • superscript
  • subscript
  • linking text

These options can be combined too, so that you can, for instance, have linked text that is bold and underlined.

Adding inline media

You can also insert images, video (files you upload or ones hosted at YouTube) and SoundCloud clips between paragraphs of text, by clicking Media. You can also easily attach a link to inline images

Other media items can be added too.  If your subscription allows for inline HTML, you can add a wide variety of media (charts, maps etc).  Click on the HTML button between paragraphs and paste the relevant HTML code. Use Embed Responsively to ensure the HTML is responsive so that the items will look good at multiple screen sizes.

Inline image guidelines:

  • The widest that inline images will appear is 800px (apart from in tablet portrait view, when they are shown at 110% the width of the text column). To ensure your inline images fill the full width of the column, upload them at at least 800px wide.

Section Options

Text Over Media sections support options including, if your theme allows for it, changes to text and background colours. For more, see: Section Options.