Need to insert a special character (like a letter, glyph, or formatting option, not like Sherlock Holmes) into your story, but can't type it?

Force your text to a new line without turning it into a new text block or paragraph by pressing Shift+Enter.

Add non-breaking spaces to text with Alt+Space.

Other extended characters can usually be added simply by copying and pasting them from other sources.

In Windows, you can find a Character Map tool by typing "character map" into the windows search bar. The character map tool shows a wide range of special characters from scientific symbols to letters from multiple non-English languages and can be copied and from the tool and pasted into your Shorthand story.

On macOS you can access an "Emoji and Symbols" viewer by pressing Control+Command+Space or from the Edit menu in Chrome. In it, find the character you wish to use and click or double-click it to insert it into your text.