Full-screen video or image that will not be cropped on any device.


Unlike background video in other sections, video added to the Media section sits in a player, and features play, pause and sound controls.

Video can be added to a media section as an MP4 file you upload, or a link to a file on YouTube.


Unlike images added to Title, Text Over Media, Background Scrollmation or Reveal sections, images added here will not get cropped to fill the screen. Instead they will sit to their original aspect ratio, and simply reduce in size if necessary.

This enables you to show, for instance, tall portrait images that can be seen in full on a desktop landscape screen, or short images that will only use a small portion of the screen.

Media guidelines:


  • Up to 2560px wide (no minimum or maximum height. The image will show in full rather than be cropped in order to fill the screen space)
  • JPEG (you can upload PNG and GIF, but these will not undergo compression, so ensure you have optimised them yourself for the best combination of file size and clarity)
  • You also have the option to upload an alternative version for mobile e.g., on smaller screens a portrait version may be clearer for your reader. 


  • 1920 x 1080px  for landscape format video and 900 x 507px for portrait format video is sufficient for a clear picture. Smaller sizes of the same aspect ratio will work, but may appear less clear
  • MP4
  • 100mb MAX (much smaller if possible) – see video encoding guidelines and other resources for suggested video compression tools
  • Poster image (same dimensions).